By Right Of.  Keystone, South Dakota. © Studio WAC 2018.

By Right Of. Keystone, South Dakota. © Studio WAC 2018.


Tempor welcomes submissions of original fiction, creative nonfiction, academic writing, and contemporary poetry inspired by the great outdoors, environmental issues, and natural history. Tempor also welcomes submissions of original photography, illustration, and visual art. For issue three, Interior, we are interested in publishing content inspired by the interior states of the United States, which include Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. We encourage you to submit pieces with a focus on the environment, economy, immigration, or history about this area of North America. 

Prior to submitting your work, please take a look at Issue 01 and Issue 02. Send no more than one story, one essay, five poems, or five images at a time. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, with the condition that you notify us immediately if your piece is accepted for publication elsewhere. Though we will consider pieces of any length, we prefer that writing submissions be at least 2,500 words. Authors retain all rights to their work after it is published in Tempor.

To be considered for inclusion in issue three, please send us a brief description of what you have in mind by May 15, 2019, via email to hello (at) tempormag (dot) com. We look forward to reading your work!