Several months have passed since we published the first issue of Tempor, which featured our driving journey to Nogales and across southern Arizona, New Mexico, and western Texas. This time, we are bringing you personal essays and historical research from our travels through the Southeast with a strong focus in Florida—from the Panhandle all the way to the remote Dry Tortugas National Park, located 70 miles off the coast of Key West, Florida.

We are excited to welcome Falon Mihalic as our very first writing contributor. In her essay, Stories from the Florida Panhandle, you will learn about her fears and strengths when traveling alone to remote locations, and how she deals with anxiety during her wild encounters in the swamps through a series of collages. With two long-form essays, Scott Cartwright writes about Florida’s longleaf pine and how this ancient, almost extinct tree, connects with him growing up and leading a woodworking business. Later on, he writes Thick as a Brick, an essay about Samuel A. Mudd and how the famous story of the country doctor shapes the way in which we think about U.S. policies, human rights, and even leisure and entertainment.

We are thankful to Leah Hamilton French for her time and dedication in copy editing this issue, and to James Hays for working as an additional set of eyes in the editing process of this endeavor. Many thanks to Jennifer Blanco, John Earles, and Travis Smith of Workhorse Printmakers for collaborating with us again in putting together the beautiful embossed covers. Thanks to Jeremy Covanes and Clare López of Thomas Printworks for their support and guidance in printing and proofing the interior pages. Many thanks to our new and returning advertising partners, as well as our stockists for believing in this project. And last but not least, thank you for reading Tempor. This publication is possible with support from our family, friends, and members of the Tempor Circle—our group of visionary underwriters.

Marco Ernesto, our son, continues to grow while also making us grow. He joined us while we traveled over 1,300 miles east, camping in the summer in Gulf Shores, St. George Island, Ocala, Fernandina Beach, and many more places in the southeastern United States. He has seen us work endless days and nights, waiting patiently for a kiss while hugging us in front of the computer. At only three years of age, Marco has helped us install two exhibitions: Journey through the Southwest, on view last fall at Spellerberg Projects; and Vanishing Point, on view this spring at Houston Community College during the 2018 FotoFest Biennial. You can see some of the images included in these two exhibitions in our Sightings section starting on page 92.

I hope that you enjoy and relish this issue as much as I do. I also hope that you get curious about exploring and getting to know the history of the sunshine state.

Thank you so much, and safe travels!

Jenny Lynn Weitz Amaré-Cartwright
Co-Publisher/Art Director


New Iberia: Journey through the Florida Purchase


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Photographs © Studio WAC 2017 // Collages © Falon Mihalic 2017.

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