What we envisioned this publication to be was an act of personal coverage. We are a small team of two skillful creatives, but we know next to nothing about what we do not see with our own eyes. With Tempor, we hope to cover the space that we move through to give you a sense of it. We hope that the pages you'll see in the first issue make you curious, that they inspire you to get out to explore, to enjoy fresh air, and to think about traveling in a different way.

Tempor is the Latin root for time or occasion. Anything in the past is a memory, and anything in the future is a dream. The word tempor relates to this moment, the present. The Latin phrase, tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis, translates to “the times have changed and we with them.Contemporarily relates to events happening simultaneously, while contretemps refers to going against the time, a catastrophic mistake in the present. Our intention with this premiere issue—and subsequent ones—is quite simple: we aim to soak up the present in order to create a contemporization of our movements through a space. 

This publication would not have been possible without the support of our family, friends, and members of the Tempor Circle—our group of visionary underwriters. Our most sincere thanks go to Lisa Hardaway for lending us camping equipment to use during the early stages of producing this adventure and for her continuous traveling advice. Our gratitude goes to Bruce Waldon of Virtual Nogales for all of his tips and encouragement to cross the Mexican-American border. Extensive thanks to Mary Headrick for spending time and energy copy editing over six thousand words. Many thanks to Vico and Keiwing Chong of TOMO Mags and to Jennifer Blanco and John Earles of Workshorse Printmakers for their trust and kind support. And, most importantly, thanks to our son, Marco Ernesto, for teaching us to be parents on a daily basis and for pushing us to take the risk to launch this publication.

Friends, there is a lot to see and a lot to care for. Please, enjoy, and let us know your thoughts

Safe travels, 

Scott Cartwright &
Jenny Lynn Weitz Amaré-Cartwright

Co-Publishers of Tempor


Journey through the Southwest:
From Texas to Mexico


Printed in the
United States of America
ISSN 2573-3281

Interior pages printed by Thomas Printworks on Cougar® Smooth White 100# Text. Embossed cover by Workhorse Printmakers on Neenah ASTROBRIGHTS® Lift-Off Lemon 80#C. Design and art direction by Studio WAC. Headings and footnotes are set in Abel, a typeface designed by Matt Desmond of MADType. Body text is set in Lora, a typeface designed by Olga Karpushina of Cyreal.

Trim size: 7 x 10 inches
Number of pages: 108
Language: English


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