Embossed Covers

When we were thinking about launching a magazine, we knew that we wanted to work with Workhorse Printmakers to produce the Tempor covers. They did a beautiful set of business cards for us back in 2009, and since then we kept in touch. Their full-service letterpress print shop has produced extraordinary pieces for the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Cite Magazine, and most recently for Amaya Roasting Co. and The H Podcast, just to name a few. 

The press that you see in the video above is a Chandler & Price 12 x 18 Craftsman letterpress which has been converted to foil stamping with a Liepelt Gold Boss unit. John Earles, co-founder and pressman explains, "the press was manufactured around 1923 in Cleveland, Ohio, and is hand-fed, meaning that the operator has to manually remove the printed piece and insert an unprinted sheet between every print."

He continues, "our press was previously owned by a father and son printshop in Greenspoint. We owned the press for about seven years before it was converted to foil a year ago. The mechanics of embossing are simple: The machine holds a female embossing die on a heated bed, which is wired with an electronic thermostat. The paper is pressed between this female die and a corresponding male die, which molds and stretches the paper into the shape of the image. The heat helps the process."

P.S. The one in the video is not John, it's Travis Smith, one of the talented crew members at Workhorse! Each of the Tempor covers were embossed on Neenah ASTROBRIGHTS® Lift-Off Lemon 80#C. To see, feel, and read the premier issue of this publication, click here to purchase your own copy.  

Managing Editor & Art Director